About Us

We are Jaimie Johnson and Mark Jewison, Co-owners.

I, Jamie, was born and raised in the area and have been coming to this greenhouse since I was a little girl. It had always been a dream of mine to work here, even better to own it! I am now married with 4 children and I bought the business shortly after giving birth to my youngest in 2016. In 2018 my physical and mental abilities began to deteriorate rapidly ultimately landing me in the hands of Sanford Brain and Spine Unit in South Dakota. During this time it was a quick realization that I could no longer run the greenhouse on my own and I sold half of my business to my long-time friend and business partner in the Pork industry (where I worked pretty much all my life), Mark Jewison. He was born and raised as a farmer in Janesville, MN and moved to this area about 20 years ago to pursue work in the pork industry here. He has extensive knowledge on ventilation and is a bit of an inventor. Mark still works in the industry, has his own construction company, and 3 children of his own. He has always had a passion for growing, creating, and pushing the limits.
Together we are currently rebuilding the existing greenhouse structure for growing year round. The greenhouse itself will be used for custom and wholesale growing (and grow some of our own plants for the floral shop) by spring 2020. While the greenhouse is being updated, the front shop still functions as a floral design and gift shop, and our new efforts to extend the business into landscaping services is going beautifully. We run fun workshops and also rent out the space in the front shop for various events.
We are unique in that everything we do is custom made for the consumer, from the floral design and gift items to the landscape design to custom memorial urns. Every project is carefully tailored to the buyers needs. We are also unique in that we run the business online, by phone and in person. The store does not have open hours to the public. We hand deliver the floral designs and gifts locally, and ship out to further locations. In part this is due to the trend of the times, but it also suits my medical needs as my health can be unpredictable. We are Christ centered and passionate about what we do.
Combined, our favorite part about this business is helping people. 


Shop individual flowers or have us create a customized bouquet or flower arrangement! Let us help you select the flowers you want and the quantity for a unique creation. If you are sending your flower selection as a gift, you may choose one of the additional floral designs and container options for a bouquet or arrangement that will be delivered ready for immediate display.


As a wholesale nursery, we sell plants grown for transplanting, for budding, grafting or layering, stocks or for restoration, environmental landscaping, businesses, parks and a myriad of other landscapes. We produce and distribute from our greenhouse, such as incredible varieties of trees, shrubs, ferns and shrubs, both flowering and non-flowering, woody or herbaceous perennials, annuals, container plants and ornamental grasses; as well as groundcovers, evergreen conifers, and native plants. Contact us to start your custom order.


Living arrangements are an alternative to fresh-cut flowers.  This is a more unique and more sustainable way to bring life to your space.  Bring the ‘Wow’ factor to your reception desks, outdoor spaces or coffee tables with these incredible, custom-designed live plant pieces. Live blooming plants always has a fresh, unique and ever-changing look!


Landscape Design

Memorial Urns


Trimont Greenhouse & Floral

41 Birch St. E
Trimont, Minnesota
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Sorry we don’t have regular open hours….

But, if we are there, our doors are always open to stop in for a cup of coffee!